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About Us


Inspired by their own honeymoon, founders Kris and Lee saw an opportunity to create a wedding registry centered entirely on experiences instead of store-bought gifts. Using their decades of experience in the tourism and technology industry, Kris and Lee partnered with a trusted list of resorts, cruise lines and travel companies to give couples the opportunity to register for things they truly wanted: honeymoon experiences.

Above and beyond the traditional wedding registry, Honeymoon Wishes gave couples a direct connection to more than 850 destinations around the world. It acted as an idea book, full of exciting ways to make a couple’s dream honeymoon come true. They developed easy-to-use features and social tools to take the stress out of planning and add excitement to the gifting process. Couples loved the freedom and flexibility of spending their wedding gifts on a trip of a lifetime. Guests found gifting experiences more fun than handing out cash or purchasing household items.

Being the first honeymoon registry of its kind, the team continues to find new ways to turn every couple’s honeymoon wishes into unforgettable memories.