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Trenton Vargason and Whitney Pinneo's Honeymoon Registry

Couples Swept Away


Canopy Zipline Gliding Tour

Canopy Zipline Gliding Tour

We will start in the heart of the jungle and take a look at the wild side over the great River that separates the two parishes. We will travel across unique traverses with intermittent nature walks through the amazing rainforest, river cannon and mountains demonstrating the diversity of Jamaica’s landscape and history. The highlight of the tour is the “inter-parish express” that carries us at over 35mph and across 360 meters. Gliding silently through a tunnel of tree leaves and branches (The Canopy) will be an unforgettable experience!

registry_cart_item_2048000 Canopy Zipline Gliding Tour

Swim with the Dolphins at Dolphin Cove Negril

Swim with the Dolphins at Dolphin Cove Negril

There is nothing better than swimming with dolphins in paradise on our honeymoon! This has always been a dream of ours and thanks to you we will experience these magnificent creatures. The Swim with the Dolphins experience will provide us with wonderful honeymoon memories that we will cherish in the many years to come!

registry_cart_item_2048004 Swim with the Dolphins at Dolphin Cove Negril


Extra Money

A lil extra money for our special trip.

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Romantic Candlelight Dinner

Romantic Candlelight Dinner

We will share a romantic evening under the stars on our honeymoon at Couples Resorts! On the beach, or in the romantic tropical gardens, we will dine in an enchanting setting including flaming torches, softly glowing candles and a walkway lined with rose petals. We will have our private waiter bring us a bottle of champagne, or we will choose exceptional wine to complement our fine dining experience in paradise. Our intimate dinner will be enhanced with a decadent Jamaican dessert making it a perfect honeymoon evening!

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Underwater Camera

This camera will allow us to capture even the most elusive marine life. This is the perfect gift for us - the warm water tropical island honeymooners!

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Airfare Portion for Honeymoon Travel

Airfare Portion for Honeymoon Travel

Any help to get to and from Jamaica is a wonderful wedding gift! We will be thanking you long after take off!

registry_cart_item_2048009 Airfare Portion for Honeymoon Travel

Unique Ideas

Couples Swept Away Resort Credit

Couples Swept Away Resort Credit

With acres of white sand beaches, fragrant tropical gardens and an atmosphere drenched in romance and escape, Couples Swept Away redefines the idea of paradise. Your gift will be a part of our Jamaican honeymoon that we will remember forever!

registry_cart_item_2048012 Couples Swept Away Resort Credit

Trip Contribution to Couples Swept Away

Trip Contribution to Couples Swept Away

In an idyllic setting that is as invigorating as it is inviting, we will uncover the tranquility of an intimate, all-inclusive hideaway with its entire atmosphere bathed in an ambiance drenched in romance and escape! Boasting acres of breathtaking white sand beaches, fragrant tropical gardens, glistening pools and the brilliant turquoise Caribbean Sea, Couples Swept Away offers everything we could possibly dream of for the perfect honeymoon in paradise!

registry_cart_item_2048011 Trip Contribution to Couples Swept Away

Romantic Couples Massage

Romantic Couples Massage

We will experience the special indulgence of a couples massage while lying side by side in paradise! Together, we will be pampered with exotic oils that hydrate the skin, rejuvenate the senses and leave us refreshed and revitalized. We want to reserve this relaxing massage early for the ultimate spa experience on our Caribbean honeymoon!

registry_cart_item_2048013 Romantic Couples Massage

"Well Wishes" From Our Family & Friends

“Congratulations! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and love. Enjoy your honeymoon!”
- Jonathan &Sarah Zach
“Wishing you a fantastic honeymoon and very happy life together. Best wishes for a wonderful future!! Enjoy that beach!!”
- Heather Kness &Family
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